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MedicAlert Safely Reunites Seven-Year Old Miles with his Mother

MedicAlert’s autism medical ID and 24/7 Wandering Support Service was critical in protecting seven-year old Miles Green who decided to “walk to France” in the middle of the night after seeing some of his favorite characters on TV do the same thing.

He was a few blocks away when a stranger noticed him walking alone late at night and near a very busy road. Miles was unable to communicate his parents’ information, and the woman noticed Miles’ MedicAlert bracelet, which explains that he has Autism and is prone to wander. She called the 800 number on the back of his bracelet, spoke to a MedicAlert emergency operator, Miles’ parents were then immediately contacted and he was returned home safely.

“This situation is any parent's worst fear,” explains Jennifer Green, Miles’ mother. “It's such a relief as a mom to know that he has his bracelet on all the time, and that MedicAlert is there if we need them - anytime."

MedicAlert Team Member