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The MedicAlert Difference

For 60 years, we have continued to offer services found “behind the bracelet” that other emergency medical ID providers simply cannot match when it comes to saving your life and the lives of those you love. The services that connect to your medical ID are specifically designed to save your life in an emergency and ensure you are quickly reunited with loved ones.


Keeping you safe at any age. With MedicAlert, you are empowered and proactively managing your help – this ensures you experience safer, more serene living. Our 24/7 services protect people of all ages and varying medical conditions. From communicating your health information, to storing your care wishes, to reuniting loved ones in an emergency, we’re there when you need us.

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Allowing kids to just be kids. MedicAlert Foundation was founded by a surgeon whose daughter had a life-threatening condition, and we know firsthand about the fears that weigh on parents’ minds. We’re here to alleviate those fears so you and your child can focus on fun - because “carefree” and “childhood” belong together.

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Protecting loved ones with dementia during wandering emergencies. MedicAlert Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Association have partnered to provide specialized protection for individuals living with dementia. With 60% of persons with dementia at risk for wandering and becoming lost, the Safe Return program has been designed to quickly locate and assist missing loved ones to ensure they are safely returned home and provided with quality treatment and care. The program has a 98% success rate.

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