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MedicAlert Helps Save Life of College Football Player

On February 6th, 2017 Chris received a call that every mother fears. Her son Brendan was experiencing a life-threatening situation while away at school and she was unable to be there during his time of need.  

That Monday, Brendan’s teammate/roommate called Chris in a panic. As David was rushing out the door for weight training Brendan told him he thought he was experiencing a bad asthma attack. While on the phone, Chris told David to try giving Brendan more Benadryl. Nothing seemed to be working, and the swelling of his throat quickly grew worse. Within minutes he went into anaphylactic shock and was unable to speak.

David told Chris he had to call 911 and hung up. A fellow student who also knew Brendan is a volunteer EMT and received the page while in class. When he and another paramedic arrived, Brendan’s throat had swelled up to his neck. David knew Brendan always carried his MedicAlert wallet card listing his peanut oil allergy along with other conditions and gave it to the paramedics.

With the information they had from Brendan's wallet card, the EMT’s were able to give him the best possible treatment. Once he was stable, they contacted Chris to let her know which hospital they would be taking him for follow up care.

“My husband and I were hesitant about Brendan going away to school, particularly because of his bleeding disorder and severe allergy to peanut oil, but knowing how responsible he is with his conditions, and that he has MedicAlert there when he cannot speak for himself allows us peace of mind.”

MedicAlert Team Member