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Understand How MedicAlert’s Personalized Medical IDs will help Save Your Life and the Lives of Those You Love during an Emergency

Our team of support specialists here at MedicAlert Foundation are available 24/7, to ensure you and your loved ones receive exceptional medical care and treatment during an emergency. Your medical ID has a personalized engraving that is specific to any underlying medical conditions; including known food and/or medication allergies 

MedicAlert medical IDs continue to save millions of lives each year. Medical identification jewelry is recommended by physicians and health organizations worldwide to individuals living with medical conditions including; food/medication allergies, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, and more.

When you cannot speak for yourself, allow MedicAlert to speak for you. First responders are trained to look for medical IDs immediately when arriving upon scene during an emergency. Often times; individuals become unconscious and are unable to relay pertinent health information when it is needed the most. 


More than Just a Bracelet

MedicAlert medical IDs are backed by a full suite of 24/7 Emergency Response Services; which our competitors do not provide. Your personalized medical ID immediately connects first responders to your up-to-date medical information record. Medical information can be updated anytime by logging into your account anytime at

After communicating your vital medical information to first responders and medical personnel; our emergency contact center will notify your loved ones regarding your condition and where you can be reunited with our 24/7 Family Notification Service.


Hear from Loved Ones of Current MedicAlert Members

If it weren’t for his bracelet, I don’t know what would’ve happened,” says Jamie, adding, “I now try to make sure Kason has his inhaler at all times no matter how responsible he is, and he never leaves home without his sports band…” “I am a definitely a mom that is so very grateful to MedicAlert.”

“I was driving around for less than two minutes when MedicAlert called me,” said Kelly, adding “Max would have kept going and ended up who knows where if the nice woman hadn’t of stopped and saw his MedicAlert ID bracelet.”

“I cannot bring myself to think what could have happened to them had MedicAlert not been there for us. The operator was not only compassionate, responsive, and very knowledgeable; she also kept in touch with me until she knew the situation was resolved and my parents were safely reunited on the ship.”

“We can rest a little knowing there’s a service like MedicAlert out there that can help when you’re not around. It is a vital part of our emergency plan. We know it helps keep our kids safe.”

MedicAlert Team Member