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How Will My Personalized MedicAlert ID Help First Responders Save My Life?

For nearly 60 years MedicAlert Foundation has remained dedicated to our charity’s mission – to protect the health and well-being of millions of our customers globally through our trusted 24/7 emergency support network; distinguishing our services from all others in today’s emergency medical ID provider market.

MedicAlert has continued to  invest in the safety of our customers by ensuring both emergency responders and medical professionals are properly educated and have immediate access to a  patients’ complete health history during an emergency.

You may wonder how your personalized MedicAlert ID is instantly able connect first responders to your up-to-date medical information in order to provide exceptional medical treatment; meaning the difference between life and death?

MedicAlert Awareness Month gives us the opportunity to highlight questions from our customers regarding our EMS training program; and how effectively educating first responders is crucial to saving lives...


Q: How do EMS and emergency personnel know to look for my MedicAlert ID?

A: MedicAlert is engaged in an on-going aggressive education campaign for EMS personnel about our medical IDs and services. This past year, we’ve reached over 270,000 first responders through MedicAlert’s extensive education. Over 25,000 completed a formal training through classroom and online certified courses.


Q: Where is the best place to wear my MedicAlert medical ID? With so many styles and accessories how do I know my ID will be recognized during an emergency?

A: Emergency personnel first touch you where they can feel your pulse. That’s why the wrist and neck are ideal locations for wearing medical IDs, however, our training program teaches EMS about all of our products and where to look for them.


Q.  What training scenarios are taught to EMS?

A. MedicAlert has developed 11 training scenarios used throughout the nation. These include scenarios for mass casualty and one-on-one patient care scenes. First responders are taught that typical on-scene treatment procedures may differ if the patient has an underlying medical condition and is wearing a MedicAlert ID.


Q. How quickly can Emergency Medical Staff access my health information in case of an emergency?

A.  MedicAlert’s EMS mobile app PrEMISE, created in collaboration with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), provides instant access to vital medical information to registered EMS personnel. The information is also immediately available through MedicAlert’s proven 24/7 Emergency Response service, supported through our toll-free phone line.


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