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Amanda Greene, a notable Lupus advocate

MedicAlert Helps Me Thrive While Being An Advocate & Living With The Disease

May is Lupus Awareness Month and online I am known as L.A. Lupus Lady, so I am honored that the MedicAlert Foundation has asked me to share a bit to celebrate World Lupus Day. As a woman who has lived with Lupus for over three decades, I am an advocate who is passionate about a variety of healthcare issues. 

I am personally very concerned that despite advances in healthcare technology I am fighting for access to a comprehensive EMR (Electronic Medical Record) where my team of doctors are connected and that contains all my lab results and medication. 

Thanks to MedicAlert Foundation, I have a resource where all my physicians are now accessible in one place; that place is my wrist. I am no longer concerned about an urgent health crisis occurring because I know that the onsite healthcare professionals will have the ability to connect with and contact my doctors immediately.

Having a purple MedicAlert bracelet has enabled me to confidently know that my complete list of doctors is all in one place. While I may not yet have a current and complete EMR, I do have the security of knowing that in the event of a health crisis all my doctors are simply a phone call away.

In addition, onsite health care professionals will have immediate access to contact and connect with my team of physicians. It’s definitely a plus that there are many comfortable and fashionable designs to choose from, and as a proud Lupus patient/warrior I love that I can easily “put on my purple bracelet” and know that I am a patient who, with the help of the MedicAlert Foundation, does what she can to empower myself.

Wearing my MedicAlert Foundation bracelet is a conversation starter. I enjoy being stopped and told what a nice/great/super accessory it is. That’s all I need to start sharing my story of Lupus and how the bracelet is much more than a fashion statement.

**If you want more information from a Lupus patient, watch me tell my story of living with Lupus.  Check out the International Pain Video