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St. Patrick’s Day: There’s No Better Day to Live Green

Regardless of our heritage, St. Patrick’s Day is the one day each year when we all get to be Irish. Do you wear green on March 17th simply to avoid being pinched by family and friends? This year, why not really “live green” for the day rather than just wearing it.  

Offer a more meaningful way to be green this St. Paddy’s Day with some truly green ideas suggested from Living Green Magazine.

 “Green” Ideas for Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

1.Make an Irish breakfast feast- start your St. Paddy’s celebration with a big and delicious breakfast that includes a variety of whole foods to make the traditional Irish breakfast slightly healthier

● Look for nitrate-free meats and soy-based products to take the place of traditional sausage and bacon.

● Use organic and free-range eggs.

● Look for whole-wheat bread where the main ingredient is whole wheat, not high fructose corn syrup.

● Look for local, organically grown produce, and soy cheese.

● Wash your breakfast feast down with organic herbal or green tea.

2.Make an Irish Dinner Feast- It’s often typical for Americans to automatically associate corned beef and cabbage with St Patrick’s Day. However, many traditional Irish dinners consist of beef or lamb stews, and pan-fried fish. For those who don’t eat meat, there is always the option of enjoying a hot potato soup with some tasty Irish soda bread

3.Have Some St Patrick’s Day Crafting Fun- If you have little one’s in the house, keep them busy while stimulating their imaginations with some green St. Paddy’s Day crafts. Try one of these project ideas from Living Green Magazine:

Irish flowerpots: Transform flowerpots into works of art. Paint them with shamrocks, rainbows, pots of gold, the flag of Ireland or other Irish-themed images. Then let the kids plant them and watch them grow with the greenery of their choice

Stamp art: Cut off the tops of green peppers and dip the cut side into eco-friendly paint or soy-based ink to make a shamrock stamp. Decorate recycled card stock to make Irish themed cards your kids to give to friends, family and their teachers.

4. Enjoy the Green Outdoors- Celebrate the greenest day of the year by getting fresh air outside and enjoying the many shades of green found in nature. Pack a picnic lunch for the park after taking in a St. Paddy’s Day parade and appreciate all nature has to offer. 

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