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Tips to Stay Injury-Free This Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to enjoy beautiful summer weather before welcoming fall. In just a few days the holiday weekend will be upon us.

Although many of us have been waiting in anticipation for the exciting festivities, celebrating and traveling over the weekend typically increases the chances for an accident.

Labor Day weekend may not house the dangerous ice and snow conditions like those of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, but it is ranked as one of the most dangerous holidays.

Whether you are planning a final summer getaway with family and friends or staying home to finish up summer projects, we want to encourage you and your loved ones to stay safe as the summer season comes to an end with these 6 easy tips to remember:

Tip 1: Alcohol in Moderation- alcohol and parties often go hand in hand but remember that drinking impacts your decision making, coordination, reaction time and more. Set your alcohol limit and stick to it. Drink one glass of water in between alcoholic beverages, and if you drink more than you planned, ask for help getting home.

Tip 2: Conquering Outdoor Chores- When finishing up summer projects and chores this Labor Day weekend, keep some safety tips in mind such as:

  • Only using a ladder when someone else is home
  • Before using power tools, ensure the cords aren’t frayed
  • Only use extension cords that are designed for outdoor use
  • When using a metal ladder, be careful that it doesn’t come in contact with an electrical source.

Tip 3: Staying hydrated & Sun Protection- while out in the sun this weekend, stay hydrated with water rather than sugary drinks. If hosting a cookout, have bottled water out and available for guests. Apply sunscreen before heading outside and reapply as necessary. If taking certain medications, remember some may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

Tip 4: Being Careful with Food Prep- this weekend should be a warm one, so don’t leave food in the heat for long periods of time. When grilling, make sure all poultry is cooked thoroughly. Keep all food covered to avoid contamination from bugs.

Tip 5: Drive cautiously- more traffic accidents occur with the roads being more crowded during the holiday weekend. For safer travels, require a distraction-free car-the music isn’t blaring, refrain from texting, wear seatbelts, and avoid alcohol entirely if you plan on driving.

Tip 6: Boating Safely- being on the lake is one of the most popular Labor Day weekend activities. Make sure you keep it safe by first ensuring your boat is in good mechanical condition, and contains all safety equipment including:

  • Floatation devices
  • An emergency kit
  • A first aid kit
  • In addition, ensure those on land know where you are heading and what time you are expected to return.

MedicAlert wishes you an exciting and safe Labor Day Weekend!