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10 Tips To Fill a "Junk Free" Easter Basket

While there is no harm indulging in a few Easter treats, weighing baskets down with chocolates and other sweet treats can be the gateway to additional mindless snacking on candy for weeks after. Not to mention the inevitable dentist bills and increased blood-sugar levels that are soon to follow.

Does that mean the only option to more health-conscious Easter baskets is no candy period? Of course not, but like anything in life, a little balance goes a long way.

Whether you’re making a basket for a friend or the little ones in your life, consider adding some fun and healthy alternatives to help balance out the traditional Cadbury Crème Eggs, chocolate bunnies, and marshmallow peeps.

Edible & Non-Edible Easter Basket Goody Options

  1. Individually-wrapped treats- make Easter baskets healthier without being too obvious because they help with portion control. Opening a king-size candy bar or a large chocolate bunny makes over-indulging easier since it’s harder to just take a few bites and be satisfied.
  2. Add Dark Chocolates- this time of year you will see shelves stocked with mouth-watering bunny-and egg-shaped chocolate treats which are loaded with sugar. You don’t have to eliminate Easter candy all-together… Instead, choose a healthier option like dark chocolate which contains cacao- proven to help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk for heart disease.
  3. Filled Plastic Eggs- are a brilliant way to pre-portion treats. Fill them with trail mix, dark chocolate covered nuts or dried fruit.
  4. Festive Hard-Boiled Eggs- who says dying and decorating hard-boiled eggs has an age limit? After the kids are asleep, explore your creative side while making festive, personalized eggs from the Easter Bunny. This can be a cute new tradition while adding some protein and omega-3’s.
  5. Carrots- although they may not be a favorite (especially for our kids), it’s the Easter Bunny’s favorite food so you can have fun with it. Wrap them with some festive ribbon and put in small bags with some delicious hummus dips to help create a healthier treat.
  6. Outdoors Toys- small, inexpensive toys like bubbles, water toys, and sidewalk chalk  are easy to find at the dollar store and may be some favorites for your little ones. 
  7. Mini Toys- legos, small puzzles, beads, marbles, playing cards and play-doh are great Easter basket fillers that help avoid candy overload. 
  8. Gift Cards- sites like Groupon make it easy to buy discounted tickets to your kid’s favorite places. Tickets to a movie, concert, or special event they are interested in are the perfect additions to this year’s Easter basket.
  9. Creative Coupons- get creative by making your own Easter-themed coupons for the family such as: dinner or movie date with mom, a day of shopping, get-out-of-chore-free card, etc. 
  10. Create a scavenger hunt- although your younger kids will likely show more of an interest in this then your teens, this is a great activity to place in their baskets. Place a few numbered clues in their Easter baskets that will lead them to areas where there are more hidden clues, until eventually they uncover a surprise (movie tickets, money, etc.) hidden inside of plastic eggs.