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MedicAlert Wishes Your Family a Spooky and Safe Halloween!

Each year, our MedicAlert family continues to join in on the holiday festivities while working together to save lives worldwide. As the holiday season commences with Halloween; we have come to understand the importance of joining in the holiday fun with those we spend time with most…our co-workers.

MedicAlert is flaunting our holiday spirit with costumes of all styles. On Halloween morning; our staff members walked proudly through the doors disguised as action figures, athletes, Pac-Men, clowns, bats, and more!

We are proud to be the people working behind your bracelet, to help ensure you have a healthy and safe Halloween holiday.

 Our MedicAlert team members take great pride in working to save lives while enjoying the time-honored traditions of decorating and costume contests!

We encourage your family to celebrate one of the world’s most festive holidays by partaking in your favorite Halloween traditions!


Keep Your Kids Safe Halloween Night

The thought of stuffing their bags and buckets with their favorite candy often makes our kids want to sprint from door to door on Halloween night. Keep them safe while still out enjoying their mission for candy. 

If your child is trick-or-treating with neighborhood friends and parents, make them aware of any food allergies they may have. Equip their favorite costume with their inhaler, epi-pen, insulin or other necessary tools they may need for their underlying medical condition

Lastly, ensure they have their MedicAlert Kid Smart sports band when you are not with them! If an emergency should occur while out trick-or-treating or at a Halloween party, allow MedicAlert to speak for your child when you cannot- to ensure exceptional medical treatment and care. 

MedicAlert Team Member