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Go The Extra Distance For Your Mom This Mother's Day

She waited anxiously for your arrival into the world, witnessed your first steps, bandaged your scraped knees, read your favorite bedtime stories, comforted you through heartaches, and supported your dreams and ambitions. It may seem odd to call being a Mother a job, but it’s most definitely work, with long hours and no sick pay. With that being said, being a Mom is also one of the most rewarding jobs there is.

Many of us may recall our mothers saying, “You’ll understand when you have kids of your own one day…” It is after becoming a mother, that we can grasp a true appreciation for those words.  

Moms can all use a little recognition along the way for all they do, so this Mother’s Day, take the time to thank your Mom, and if you are a dad, the mother of your children as well. Whow these incredible Moms just how truly valued they are.    


5 Ideas to Make Her Feel Special on Mother’s Day    

1. Surprise her with a visit if the craziness of daily life typically gets in the way of seeing your Mom, or if perhaps you are separated by distance, make the effort to go the extra mile this Mother’s Day with an unexpected visit.


2. Listen Carefully to your Mom for gift ideas that she wouldn’t usually buy for herself but would be excited and surprised to receive.


3. Cook her favorite meal so that she can avoid the kitchen on her special day. Switch roles, and be the one to cook something delicious that she can enjoy while relaxing.  


4. Spend quality time doing something she loves like taking a long walk, working in the garden, baking, shopping, or crocheting. These hobbies may not appeal to you, but if it’s what Mom enjoys, why not put forth the extra effort on her special day. Spending this quality time together will certainly show her how much you care.


5. Buy her a new, stylish MedicAlert ID to show how much her health and safety mean to you. She always put your safety first, and now you can return the gesture by ensuring she is protected 24/7 during an emergency.

Give Your Mom a Life-Saving Gift This Mother’s Day!

MedicAlert Team Member