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Encourage Your Loved Ones to Stay Active as the Colder Weather Sets In

Prevent your family from ‘falling back’ from their physical activity routine with the time change approaching. Soon, our days will seem shorter as nightfall sets in on our drive home from work; making it easier to fall into a hibernating evening routine.

If we want to feel more energized and perhaps even live longer; consistent exercise is a must. Regardless of age or physical ability, we all can benefit from any form of physical exercise.


Keep Your Kids Healthy by Keeping them Moving

Childhood obesity in the United States continues to grow each year. This can create complications for our children’s physical, social, and emotional well-being. Developing a weight problem at a young age can in turn lead to diabetes and hear t disease later in life for our little ones.

Physical activity can also allow your child to perform better in their classrooms.  A recent report from the Institute of Medicine asserts that “children who are more active show greater attention, have faster cognitive processing speed, and perform better on standardized academic test than children who are less active.”

Although being outside this time of year may not be as enticing for our loved ones as the months grow colder; there are still several ways to encourage our families to stay active and healthy.


Ways to Make the Most of the Colder Weather

-          Limit Video Game Usage- Ensure your child doesn’t become a cold weather couch potato! When it’s too nasty to go outside; switch the ‘sitting’ games to ones that make them get up and move in the living room (sports/exercise/dance game options).

-          Walk Your Child to School- If your child’s school is close by, wake up ten minutes earlier, bundle up and walk there together! Squeeze in an after-dinner walk with the family to wind down from the day while also getting the blood flowing and the heart rates up.

-          Encourage Involvement in Fall Sports- Even if not enrolled in recreational sports, encourage your kids to start a game of football or soccer outside with the neighborhood kids. Toss the ball around with them while getting some fresh fall air.

-          Go for Bike Rides- In the early brisk evenings and weekends; get the family out to enjoy the changing of the fall leaves.

-           Raking Leaves- Get in your exercise and the blood flowing while raking the fallen leaves. Encourage your kids to earn a few dollars by adding outside chores to their list

-          Use the Stairs Instead of Elevators- While at the mall, in your apartment complex, at work, or going to an appointment; make a conscious effort to use the stairs instead of elevators. 

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