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Maximize Your 2014 Tax Benefit Today with the Purchase of Your New MedicAlert ID

With only a few weeks remaining of 2014, take maximum advantage of your tax write-off now!  Take comfort in knowing that MedicAlert products and services meet eligibility requirements for your 2014 tax benefit.

When renewing your existing MedicAlert services, or upon making your new medical ID purchase, also remember the advantages of using those convenient flex spending dollars burning a hole in your pocket!

-          Your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows you to save on your MedicAlert services and medical ID every year by using pre-tax dollars.

-          Flex spending dollars can be used to purchase personalized MedicAlert IDs and services for your spouse and dependents as well.

-          In addition to saving money on your MedicAlert renewals and purchases by using pre-tax dollars from your Flex Spending Account, appreciate the benefit in knowing you are maximizing your tax benefit for your 2014 Medical Information Plan.

Keep in mind-when renewing your current service package, incorporate additional services that may not be included in your MedicAlert plan. Don’t wait to take full advantage of MedicAlert’s full suite of 24/7 emergency services .


Use Your Flex Spending Account Now To Protect Those You Love Most

Do you have a child living with underlying medical ailments such as food/medication allergies, severe asthma, or diabetes? If so, utilize those remaining funds to ensure your little ones receive exceptional medical treatment and care when you cannot be there.

By enrolling your child in MedicAlert’s  Kid Smart® Program today, you can feel the reassurance in knowing their personalized medical ID is backed by a network of reliable life-saving services. 

Don’t wait…get the benefits of using your pre-tax dollars for life-saving services while taking advantage of your tax benefit now! 

MedicAlert Team Member