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Help Manage Your Diabetes by Avoiding Sweet & Salty Holiday Treats

The holidays certainly serve up more temptations to eat the mounds of sweet treats which seem to be offered everywhere we turn, making it easier to put on our “winter coats.”

The constant temptations of fudge, pumpkin pie, Christmas cookies and fruit cake can make us drift away from our previous New Year’s resolution to eat healthier

Don’t Let Your Diabetes Prevent You from Enjoying Holiday Celebrations

With some early preparation and dedication to staying healthy, you can still enjoy your holiday traditions while spending time with family and friends.

Maintaining your blood sugar may seem like a constant task this time of year, but there is no need to forfeit all of your holiday favorites if you avoid over-indulging by choosing moderation.


Use these helpful hints from the CDC to ensure your diabetes doesn’t prevent you from enjoying the holidays

  • Eat a healthy snack early to avoid overeating at the party.
  • Ask what food will be served, so you can see how it fits into your meal plan.
  • Bring a nutritious snack or dish for yourself and others to enjoy
  • Choose smaller portions.
  • Look for side dishes and others that are light on butter, dressing and other extra fats and sugars.
  • Ensure to eat healthy snacks throughout your holiday parties to ensure your blood sugar remains normal.
  • Remember your medication(s).

For more information and tips on how to enjoy your holidays while controlling your diabetes, click here!


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