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A group of people participating in an Alzheimer's support group.

Online and In-Person Support for those Facing Alzheimer’s

For someone affected by Alzheimer’s, connecting with others facing the disease can be a powerful and positive experience. Mutual support systems often develop from sharing information, feelings and ideas with those who understand the day-to-day challenges. To facilitate this exchange, the Alzheimer’s Association® offers in-person support groups and an online resource, ALZConnected®.

Association support groups are regularly scheduled gatherings led by peer or professionally trained individuals and coordinated through local chapters across the country. Groups are offered for caregivers, family and friends, and people in the early stage of Alzheimer’s. Our support groups are safe places to:

  • Talk through challenges and coping skills.
  • Share feelings, needs and concerns.
  • Obtain practical information on problems and possible solutions.
  • Learn about resources available in your community.

Attending an in-person support group can be difficult when faced with caregiving or other responsibilities, but online support is a flexible and dependable alternative. To help, the Alzheimer’s Association offers ALZConnected, a free, online community for those affected by Alzheimer’s or another dementia that can be accessed 24 hours a day. More than 9,000 registered members participate in ALZConnected conversations. Discussions are grouped into forums for people with the disease, caregivers, family members, friends and individuals who have lost someone to Alzheimer’s.

For more information on in-person and online support, visit or call 800.272.3900.