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Tips for Achieving Your 2015 Healthy Resolutions

Do you want to make a few changes that can lead to a healthier you this next year? Making our New Year’s resolutions is the easy part, but carrying them out each year is often a challenge.

Many of us use the New Year as an opportunity to make a large bucket list of goals, or attempt extreme makeovers in our professional and/or personal lives.

 If instead, we set smaller, more attainable resolutions throughout the year, as oppose to one or two overwhelming goals, we can be more successful!

Use these Do’s and Don’ts to help make your Healthy 2015 New Year’s declarations a success

  • Don’t give up on setting resolutions because you have broken them in the past. Just set more simple goals for yourself.
  • Do set realistic expectations. If you have a large goal in mind, create small milestones to help you maintain direction and control so that you can feel achievement along the way to your overall goal.
  • Don't set resolutions whose success is based upon factors beyond your control. Don’t base your New Year resolutions that are out of your control like getting a new job. Saying "I resolve to have a new job by summer" depends not only upon your own initiative but also upon external factors (the economy, the job market in your field) over which you have no control. Instead tell yourself, "I resolve to have updated my résumé and sent it out to X companies by summer." That way, the success of your resolution is entirely within your control.
  • Do set resolutions based upon your own wishes, desires, goals, and dreams and not those of society or those closest to you. While this seems obvious, many people waste time trying to meet society’s, or another person's, expectations. A resolution is bound to fail if it isn't what is truly important to you.
  • Do use a buddy system. Rely on your friends and family to support you in your resolutions, while doing the same for them. Having social support can be a great motivator to keep you accountable when working towards your goals.
  • Do plan a reward for yourself when the resolutions, or intermediate goals, are met.

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MedicAlert encourages you to work towards a healthier you this year. Take steps in 2015 to create a healthier life for a longer future with the ones you love! 

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