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2014: Reflecting on a Year Dedicated to Better Serving You!

Each year, MedicAlert works to better improve our customer’s overall experience. We value our customer feedback and enjoy sharing your success stories throughout the year- allowing us to demonstrate how every MedicAlert ID is backed by a full suite of 24/7 life-saving services.

Our dedicated staff customers, loyal partners, and generous donors, continue to be a dedicated team working together to ensure you and your loved ones receive exceptional treatment and care during an emergency.

The start of a New Year allows MedicAlert to reflect on the strides made during 2014 to better serve your needs for the years to come.


Top 5 2014 Customer Service Enhancements 

1.      Expanding our product selection - Your continued feedback this past year has allowed MedicAlert to add many new products to meet the lifestyle needs of our customers; including males and females, and adults and children. We will be continuing to introduce new products to our collection in 2015 based on your much appreciated feedback.


2.      Sharing our customers' experiences and success stories - We continue to be grateful for our customers' willingness to share stories with our team. Hearing your experiences with MedicAlert serves as a constant reminder that what we do truly matters. Most importantly, publishing your stories allows other customers worldwide to understand how our dedicated team and reliable services work together to protect you during your most vulnerable times of need. Please continue to send us your testimonials and feedback to [email protected]


3.      Expanding & building partnerships worldwide - Our partners continue to play a fundamental role in MedicAlert’s ability to offer a trusted network of life-saving services. With every existing and new partnerships created, we can work to build trusted programs for those who matter most - our customers.


4.      Enhancing our website capabilities – Throughout 2014, we placed special emphasis on creating a more user-friendly online environment for both existing and potential customers. We are proud about the improvements that have been made to our purchasing/check-out process and your personalized online MedicAlert account section.


5.      New personalized engraving options on all MedicAlert IDs – We now provide you, the customer, with the freedom to select your own engraving. While MedicAlert staff is still available to review your health information and recommend an engraving; we are pleased to give you the control to engrave as you wish.  


Our 2015 New Year Pledge to You

As the New Year approaches, we will remain committed to making improvements towards creating consistent and positive customer experiences. We are proud to be the team our customer’s continue to trust your lives with and the lives of those you love.

MedicAlert Team Member