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Extended Services to Ensure You are Protected During Your Travels

There is always the possibility of a medical emergency when traveling away from home. MedicAlert’s TravelPlus is designed to provide emergency services when you are away on travels. If an emergency occurs, you may need immediate hospitalization, possible evacuation services or language translation-when traveling out of the country.

Enroll in TravelPlus, or renew your service by calling 1-800-432-5378.

TravelPlus will:

  • Help you find a doctor when you're out of the country
  • Contact your family members regarding your medical condition and location
  • Arrange and pay up to $100,000 towards the necessary expense of evacuation to a qualified hospital in a medical emergency
  • Provide 24 hour access to information services including visa, passport, and immunization requirements for your destination
  • Provide coverage even with any pre-existing conditions

Reminder: TravelPlus is only effective when traveling no more than 90 days at a time and when being more than 100 miles away from your primary residence.

*TravelPlus is not a specific type of medical insurance. Its purpose is to relieve stress while serving as an extremely helpful hand in the event of a travel emergency.

Core Services:

  • Travel Assistance Center

    Finding the immediate medical treatment you need when being far from home can often be difficult. MedicAlert’s Travel Assistance Center is there to support you in coordinating proper treatment and care in order to reduce an already stressful experience of a medical emergency in an unfamiliar location.

  • Personal Services

    Communicating your medical condition and treatment needs to loved ones back home can be very challenging when traveling out of the country. TravelPlus’ Personal Services are designed to uphold contact with your family, friends and business associates if desired. In addition, translations services, transportation and accommodations can be arranged in the event of an emergency.

  • Legal Services

    MedicAlert understands that not all emergencies are categorized as medical emergencies. When traveling locally or extensively out of the state or to another country, it's important to have legal representation familiar with local laws, regulations, and proceedings. Should a situation arise, TravelPlus will get you in contact with a qualified attorney in your location to best meet your needs.

  • Information Services

    Whether traveling somewhere new, or visiting a favorite destination, having some basic information about your location can make your trip more enjoyable. Before departing, make use of TravelPlus’ Information Services to ensure you are fully prepared.