Wandering Assistance

Wandering loved ones are cause for concern; therefore, MedicAlert® provides wandering assistance services to ease the fears and anxieties of families and caregivers. A great benefit for individuals with Autism, MedicAlert Foundation®'s service is available 24/7 to assist during wandering-related incidents.

Autism-Related Wandering

Wandering-related factors (such as drowning and prolonged exposure), remain among the top causes of death within the autism population. According to a 2007 online poll through the National Autism Association, 92% of parents reported that their children with autism have a tendency to wander.

Source: AWAARE.org

MedicAlert Foundation's Wandering Assistance Service

When a member is reported missing, MedicAlert Foundation is there to respond. Below are the recommended steps to take if your loved one is missing:

  • Search where your child was last seen. If you can’t find them within five minutes, call the police.
  • Tell the police your child's medical condition, that he/she is enrolled with MedicAlert Foundation, and be prepared to answer questions about your child.
  • Next, call MedicAlert Foundation at 1.800.625.3780 to notify us that your loved one has gone missing. We’ll coordinate with family and other authorities to relay information during this time.
  • Once your child is found, the citizen or police officer that found them calls the toll-free number listed on your child's MedicAlert ID.
  • MedicAlert Foundation then notifies you and ensures your child is returned home safely.

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