Travel Assistance Center

When traveling far from home, you may not know where or how to find the medical treatment you need. The TravelPlus Travel Assistance Center helps you coordinate treatment and care, easing the already stressful experience of a medical emergency in an unfamiliar location.

Travel Assistance Center services include:

  • Medical Referrals and Arrangement of Treatment - Provides contact information for and, if requested, arranges treatment with doctors in the area you are traveling.

  • Medical Monitoring -  Medical staff from the assistance center will contact your attending medical provider to obtain a full understanding of your situation, and to monitor your condition. They will relay necessary information to your family, keeping them informed of developments as they happen.

  • Medical Expense Advances - Advances up to $5,000 directly to your medical treatment facility, with appropriate repayment guarantees.

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation - Arranges and pays* up to $100,000 to complete an evacuation to the nearest appropriate medical facility or to repatriate you in a foreign medical emergency.

  • Prescription Assistance - Attempts to locate your medical or eyeglass prescription locally, or arranges for shipment.

  • Insurance Claims Assistance - Assists your insurance with claims generated overseas, until such claims have been settled or denied.

  • Mortal Remains Repatriation - In the event of your death, arranges and pays* for all necessary government authorization, provides a container appropriate for transportation, and returns your remains to your place of residence for burial.

Additional TravelPlus services include:

TravelPlus is open to U.S. Citizens as an add on service for existing MedicAlert Advantage, KidSmart®, or MedicAlert+Safe Return® services. Enroll in TravelPlus, or renew your existing TravelPlus service, by calling 1-800-432-5378.

TravelPlus is not an insurance, however it is a helping hand during your travel emergency.