Special Services

Travel emergencies are not convenient for anyone, including those you are traveling with. Sometimes, your travel partners will need to find a way home while you are dealing with an emergency situation. Other times, your loved ones will want to visit and help you work through your time of need. TravelPlus has Special Services that can help achieve this.

Special Services include:

  • Return of Traveling Companion - If your traveling companion has lost their previously made travel arrangements due to a delay caused by your medical emergency, the assistance center will arrange and pay* for one-way economy airfare to return your companion to their original departure point.
  • Return of Dependent Children - If you are traveling alone with your dependant children, and become ill, injured or unable to attend to the children's needs the assistance center will arrange and pay* for one-way economy airfare to return the children to their place of residence. If necessary, qualified escorts will be provided at no charge.
  • Visit of a Family Member or Friend - If you are traveling alone and must be hospitalized for five or more consecutive days, the assistance center will arrange and pay* for economy round-trip airfare for a visitor chosen by you (or your family) to travel to the site of your hospitalization. Your visitor will also be able to return to their point of their departure.
  • Return of Vehicle - If you are hospitalized, or have to have an emergency medical evacuation, the assistance center will arrange for the return of your unattended vehicle to the rental agency or your current primary residence. Payment will not exceed $1,000 for this service.

Additional TravelPlus services include:

TravelPlus is open to U.S. Citizens as an add on service for existing MedicAlert Advantage, KidSmart®, or MedicAlert+Safe Return® services. Enroll in TravelPlus, or renew your existing TravelPlus service, by calling 1-800-432-5378.

TravelPlus is not an insurance, however it is a helping hand during your travel emergency.

*Services must be arranged by the Travel Assistance Center. Services not arranged or approved in advance by the Travel Assistance Center will not be reimbursed.