Personal Services

Depending on how far you've gone, communicating your needs to those back home can be difficult during emergenices. TravelPlus' Personal Services help maintain contact with your family, friends, and business associates, while arranging accommodations, transportation, and translation services during your time of need.

Personal Services include:

  • Emergency Message Relay - Through TravelPlus staff, you may send and receive emergency messages to and from relatives, friends, and business associates toll-free, 24 hours a day.
  • Emergency Travel, Accommodations, and Transportation Arrangements - TravelPlus will contact hotels, airlines, car rental companies, or any other travel-related organization in order to assist you in situations where your pre-arranged bookings present a problem, when an emergency arises and changes must be made, or when tickets have been lost or stolen and new arrangements must be made.
  • Emergency Cash Advances - You will be able to receive a cash advance up to $250, with appropriate repayment guarantees.
  • Telephone Interpretation - TravelPlus is available to provide assistance with foreign language interpretation over the telephone, when you are having difficulty communicating with local agencies.
  • Translator and Interpreter Referrals - In the event of communication problems that can't be solved over the phone, TravelPlus will provide you with contact information for translators and interpreters in your area. You are responsible for final selection and payment for the translator or interpreter.

Additional TravelPlus services include:

TravelPlus is open to U.S. Citizens as an add on service for existing MedicAlert Advantage, KidSmart®, or MedicAlert+Safe Return® services. Enroll in TravelPlus, or renew your existing TravelPlus service, by calling 1-800-432-5378.

TravelPlus is not an insurance, however it is a helping hand during your travel emergency.