Pet Caregiver Notification

Pet Caregiver Notification is a supplemental service that ensures a caregiver for your family pet is alerted in case you have an accident or medical emergency.

In any medical situation, your health is the greatest priority. However, as a pet owner, you may be concerned about what would happen to your pet should you experience an emergency. MedicAlert Foundation understands the importance of reuniting our members with their family and friends, including family pets.

24/7 Emergency Response Includes:

  • Storage of Pet Caregiver contact information
  • Coordination of care for your pet in an emergency
  • Peace of mind knowing your family pet will be cared for during your time of need

Upgrade your membership

Add this service to your membership when you enroll or renew the following memberships:

MedicAlert Advantage
MedicAlert Essential

Included in the following memberships:

Pet Caregiver Notification is not included with MedicAlert Membership. You can add this service when enrolling or renewing your Essential or Advantage membership. Please contact us if you have any questions about adding a service to your MedicAlet Membership.