Implanted Device Registry

MedicAlert Foundation® provides free implanted device registry services to its members. With MedicAlert membership, you can register and store additional health information including your medical devices, immunization records, rare disease treatment instructions and protocols, and more.

Registering your implanted devices in your EMIR® (Emergency Medical Information Record) means health professionals can quickly access your complete medical history whenever it’s needed. In an emergency, the information you have stored with MedicAlert Foundation will aid health professionals in addressing your unique needs.

Important Devices to Register Include:

  • Medical Devices (implanted or carried)
  • Cardican Devices (such as pacemakers)
  • 24 hour online access so you can update your EMIR at your convenience
  • Specialized treatment instructions or protocols for your device

Upgrade your membership

This service is included with all MedicAlert memberships. To get the most out of your membership, check out these add-on-services:

24/7 Family Notification
24/7 Physician Notification
Call Center Concierge
Pet Notification Service

Included in the following memberships: