Emergency Wallet Card

To further enhance our member's connection to MedicAlert Foundation, we provide a personalized emergency wallet card which contains quick reference to vital medical information and primary emergency contacts.

A valuable resource during times of need, the card lists MedicAlert Foundation’s 24/7 Emergency Response Center number where our trained medical staff will provide your medical information to qualified personnel in the event of an emergency.

1.) MedicAlert Foundation’s wallet card is formatted in a specific way so that medical information is communicated in a standard format most recognized and recommended by emergency medical personnel.

Please continue to wear a MedicAlert ID at all times. The wallet card is NOT a substitute for our world famous symbol of emergency medical information, it simply can be used for quick reference if your ID has been temporarily lost or damaged.

MedicAlert Wallet Card Information:

  • When your card is received or downloaded, carefully review it for accuracy
  • Access your online account if you’d like to update your medical record or download additional cards.

Upgrade your membership

This service is included with all MedicAlert memberships. To get the most out of your membership, check out these add-on-services:

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