Call Center Concierge

Our Call Center’s first priority is to ensure your medical records are current, that you're receiving an accurate medical ID engraving, and to explain any aspects of our services you may want to take advantage of.

In addition to our 24/7 Emergency Response service, MedicAlert® Foundation has a team of agents to help you keep your medical records and account information up to date. Already included with Advantage level memberships, call center support is a sure fire way to make sure your records are maintained and accurate.

Call Center Conciegre Includes:

  • Quick access to a real live MedicAlert agent.
  • Flexible hours, 6am-5pm Mon-Fri and 8am-5pm Saturdays PST.
  • Patience and understanding that everyone's medical situation is unique, and may require that extra bit of attention.

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This service is included with most MedicAlert memberships. Add this service to your membership when you enroll or renew the following memberships:

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