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Training Materials

  • EMIS Training Kit

    The EMIS training kit is a printed, classroom ready presentation to use for new EMS students or as a continuing education (CE) course. It contains copies of all the forms, instructor preparation booklet needed to provide each student with a course completion or continuing education record. It also contains a CD with PowerPoint slides, complete with speaking points, for use in the classroom. The PPT slides may be modified to include local protocol and DNR policies.

  • Training Scenario Medical IDs

    MedicAlert Foundation provides free sample medical IDs for Emergency Responders to use in training scenarios. Choose from 9 different scenarios based on age and gender.

  • Geriatric Emergencies: An EMT Teaching Manual

    MedicAlert Foundation developed this teaching manual to address the unique care needs of the geriatric patient. Written by leading authorities on geriatric emergencies, this manual will help instructors teach their students how to better assess and care for elderly patients during emergencies.

    Due to the overwhelming popularity of the manual we are out of printed copies. Help us produce the 4th edition material with your tax deductible donation and place you on the top of the list to receive one of the first copies printed.

  • Law Enforcement Training Bulletin

    The Law Enforcement Training Bulletin is designed to stress the importance recognizing the value of emergency medical identification.

    In critical situations instant access to medical information shaves off precious minutes, even hours, of response time, allowing officers more opportunities to assist members of their community.