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Good communication is imperative to maintaining control of your own care. In order for healthcare providers and loved ones to honor your end-of-life wishes, they have to know your desires before the event of a serious illness or injury.

Relieve family stress - store your advance directive with MedicAlert Foundation today

An advance directive is a document outlining the type of care you wish to receive in the event you should become unable to make medical decisions. This document should be filed with your local authorities, and can contain information such as treatment protocols, the names of those legally allowed to speak for you, DNR orders, and much more.

MedicAlert Advance Directive Management safely stores your written advance directives and makes your documents available when and where they are needed. Through this membership, MedicAlert Foundation can provide your stored advance directives to designated contacts – including family members, your healthcare proxy, doctors, and first responders during medical emergencies.

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  • Care and treatment provided as you wish
  • Reduced anxiety for family regarding treatment decisions