MedicAlert GPS + Essential Product Details

MedicAlert GPS + Essential combines the power of MedicAlert membership and an easy to use GPS device. The device is useful for anyone concerned about personal safety, including loved ones affected by autism, medical conditions, athletes, and parents of children and teens.

Safety Circle

Emergency Alert Button

Location Monitoring

Through eTrak's mobile application and website, you are able to set up "safety circles" that act as areas you wish to monitor. If the device enters or leaves the designated circle you will be notified through text and/or email. An alert button feature allows the carrier to notify their contacts of an emergency. The notification also goes to MedicAlert Foundation’s 24/7 Emergency Response service. If the emergency contacts cannot be notified MedicAlert staff will notify local authorities for a wellness check. In the case of an emergency, information from the carrier's EMIR® (Emergency Medical Information Record) will be conveyed to authorities to assist in medical treatment. eTrak's mobile application allows you to monitor your GPS device from any smartphone or computer. Your loved one's location will be visible via an online map which offers turn-by-turn directions to their location, with accuracy up to 40 meters.

Product Specifications Include:

  • USB Charging Cable, Charging Cradle, and Wall Adapter
  • GPS Device Carrying Pouch
  • Works indoors, outdoors, almost anywhere
  • Long battery life, lasts up to 7 days
  • Emergency Locate Button
  • No installation required, application is web, iPhone and Android supported.
  • 1"x2", weights less than 1 ounce
  • Water resistant
  • Made in the USA

Warranty Information

  • MedicAlert GPS + Essential is powered by eTrak
  • eTrak offers a 1 year limited warranty for their products. eTrak will send you a new device, free of charge, for any manufacturing related issues within the warranty period.
  • Visit for any warranty related issues

GPS Device works off Verizon Cellular Network. Accuracy of location depends on WIFI coverage in your specific area. eTrak will work with individuals to increase accuracy of location in non-WIFI environments. For further clarification contact eTrak