MedicAlert GPS + Essential Membership Details

With the purchase of MedicAlert GPS + Essential you will receive access to MedicAlert's online EMIR® (Emergency Medical Information Record) and 24/7 Emergency Response Service. Your EMIR can include medical information, medication dosages and frequencies, emergency contact information, and much more.

Essential Membership

EMIR® (Emergency Medical Information Record)

24/7 Emergency Response

MedicAlert Essential™ is an online membership plan designed to provide medical alert services by linking your GPS device to an EMIR® (Emergency Medical Information Record). As an Essential member, you'll also have access to MedicAlert services and products. An EMIR is a comprehensive medical record that can be accessed by MedicAlert staff and relayed to emergency responders and medical professionals during your time of need. 24 hour online access gives you unlimited updates, so you can be sure your record is kept current. MedicAlert Foundation's 24/7 Emergency Response service is notified if the emergency alert button is pushed. MedicAlert’s highly trained staff will notify emergency contacts on file. If no one can be reached, local authorities will be called for a wellness check. MedicAlert is always there for you, monitoring your device in the case of an emergency.

MedicAlert Membership Includes:

  • GPS Locator and Alerts
  • Online EMIR® (Emergency Medical Information Record)
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Family Notification Service
  • Access to MedicAlert's catalog of medical IDs
  • Free engraving on MedicAlert medical IDs

GPS Device works off Verizon Cellular Network. Accuracy of location depends on WIFI coverage in your specific area. eTrak will work with individuals to increase accuracy of location in non-WIFI environments. For further clarification contact eTrak