Autism & MedicAlert GPS + Essential

Always Know Your Loved One with Autism is Safe

Half of all children with autism will wander/elope

Fifty-eight percent of parents ranked wandering as one of the most stressful behaviors of children with Autism, according to a recent survey from the Interactive Autism Network (IAN). The majority of families of children who elope are prevented from attending or enjoying activities outside the home due to fear of wandering. With MedicAlert GPS + Essential, families can go out and enjoy everyday activities knowing their loved one with autism is protected.

Families need peace-of-mind and security as autism wandering can be dangerous, even life threatening, and the stress of an occurrence can weigh heavily on parents, caregivers and family. MedicAlert GPS + Essential is a GPS enabled location device, connected to MedicAlert Foundation’s 24/7 Emergency Response Service, designed specifically to locate your loved one with Autism who may wander or elope.

How GPS + Essential works to protect those with autism

"Safety Circles"

"Safety Circles" are areas that you establish and wish to monitor. If the device enters or leaves the designated circle you will be notified. You can manage these online or through a mobile application.

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Emergency Alert Button

This button can be pushed by your child in the event of injury or danger to signal for help. A text and/or email message will instantly be sent to emergency contact persons and local law enforcement will be called.

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MedicAlert® Essential

Essential Membership includes an online EMIR® (Emergency Medical Information Record) for your child's health information. This information will be relayed to responders to ensure proper treatment.

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Additional Highlights:

  • Small and lightweight
  • Track from any smartphone or computer

GPS Device works off Verizon Cellular Network. Accuracy of location depends on WIFI coverage in your specific area. eTrak will work with individuals to increase accuracy of location in non-WIFI environments. For further clarification contact eTrak