Active You! plus MedicAlert GPS + Essential

Always Know Your Safe with MedicAlert GPS + Essential

Safety and security while you're on the go, working out, or being active

MedicAlert GPS + Essential is a light weight GPS enabled location device that provides protection during your training or event. If you are ever gone longer than planned, a friend or loved one can access your location to ensure your safety. For additional security, the device has an emergency alert button that you may push to alert your personal contacts if you are in danger or experiencing an emergency while on the go.

Device Features:

  • Great for the active you! When running, biking, and walking it brings safety on the go
  • The device is small enough to fit anywhere. Including pockets, backpacks, belts, and keychains
  • Patented power management system allows the battery to last up to 7 days
  • Water resistance
  • One year warranty
  • Access from any smartphone or computer

How GPS + Essential works to protect active adults

GPS Emergency Button

You can push this button in the event of injury or danger to signal for help. A text and/or email message will instantly be sent to emergency contact persons and local law enforcement will be called.

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MedicAlert® Essential

Membership includes an online EMIR® (Emergency Medical Information Record) for your health information. This information will be relayed to responders to ensure proper treatment and care.

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"Safety Circles"

"Safety Circles" are areas that you establish and wish to monitor. If the device enters or leaves the designated circle your contacts will be notified. You can manage these online or through a mobile application.

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GPS Device works off Verizon Cellular Network. Accuracy of location depends on WIFI coverage in your specific area. eTrak will work with individuals to increase accuracy of location in non-WIFI environments. For further clarification contact eTrak