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Learn How to Better Prepare Your Home for the Cooler Days Ahead

The official start to fall is just one week away, but many of us are still experiencing the hot and humid temperatures of summer.  If you are still cranking on the AC more often than not, or have yet to pack away your wardrobe of shorts and tank tops, then preparing your home for colder weather may not have made it the top of your checklist just yet.  

Are you tired of the heat and just hoping the cooler weather will visit your doorstep sooner rather than later? If so, why wait any longer to equip your house for the colder months ahead?  

Dirty gutters, clogged drain pipes, and grimy furnaces can create many problems and headaches around your house during the fall and winter months. Save money and energy both inside and outside your home as the weather grows colder by completing your own helpful seasonal checklist: 

  1. Show your furnaces some TLC- If you haven’t powered on your furnace for several months, be sure to give it a deep cleaning to rid the sediment build-up before the colder months arrive. Getting your system inspected prior to first use is always recommended and can help prevent it from becoming a fire-hazard.
  2. Light your walkway- the fall months mean less daylight. Although we are keen on saving energy where we can, avoiding unnecessary falls is important. Keep your walkways safe when arriving home from work while still conserving energy with lighting solutions such as motion sensor lights or LED dusk to dawn lights. 
  3. Clean out those gutters- during the summer months while you’ve been busy vacationing and swimming, leaves and filth have probably made a home in your gutters. If left full of debris, clogged gutters and drains can prevent drainage systems from working properly-leading to even bigger problems. Before the rainy weather sets in ensure your gutters are clear, allowing them to work properly.
  4. Close air leaks around windows & doors- up to 30% of your energy escapes through unknown gaps in your window frames and space around doors. Check for these gaps and seal them using caulk or weather stripping before the colder months appear.
  5. Sweep chimneys & clean out fire places- this is a must before the arrival of fall. Creosote is a very high flammable substance that builds up inside chimneys as a result of burning wood, and should be cleaned out at least once a year for both safety and energy efficiency. Also, ensure there are no nests from spiders, and clean out all leaves that may have fallen into the fireplace area.



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