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Our history as the creator of the first medical ID

In 1953, while her parents were away on vacation, Linda Collins, the 14-year-old daughter of Dr. Marion Collins, cut her finger badly enough to require a trip to the local hospital.

Following protocol, the doctor performed a skin test before injecting Linda with a full dose of tetanus antitoxin. Within moments, Linda went into anaphylactic shock, a severe and potentially fatal allergic reaction. The incident nearly killed her.

“My parents realized that if one tiny drop of the antitoxin had produced that reaction I’d probably be killed by a full dose,” she recalled.

Linda came up with the concept of a bracelet with “Allergic to Tetanus Antitoxin” engraved on the back. Dr. Collins added “MEDIC ALERT” and the symbol of the medical profession to the front.

Today MedicAlert Foundation serves millions of people across the United States and the globe through our affiliate network.

The service behind the medical ID

A personalized MedicAlert bracelet serves as a gateway that links first responders and medical personnel to your important health information during an emergency.

Our 24/7 Live Emergency Response Team has set the highest standard of care for delivering accurate and clear health information securely to first responders and healthcare professionals. Answering thousands of emergency calls every year, this team is the foundation of the service that MedicAlert provides. It isn’t just the information on the bracelet. We can store and provide specifics about multiple conditions, medications, allergies, emergency contacts, healthcare contacts, and even advanced directives and DNR orders.

Our core service, My MedicAlert, is complimentary for one year with the purchase of a MedicAlert bracelet or pendant. After the first year, there is a nominal fee to renew services.

Additional services include Advantage, Safe Return, and KidSmart.

“My heart is filled with such love and gratitude to you for providing me and my son with such a gift. The gift of peace in my heart…It’s been a horrendous few years, but we’ve survived, we’re together and proof that you never give up.” - Rachel