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Epilepsy ID Helps Save Woman At Local Shopping Mall

Last November, I was frantically shopping last minute for my mom's 60th birthday gift before picking my husband up from the airport. I was on a time crunch to get him and be at my parents in time for my mom's surprise birthday dinner. 

After going into what seemed like a million stores in a matter of an hour, I decided to take a shortcut through the mall out to the parking gargae. 

I had been experiencing a throbbing headache since earlier that day but figured it had been from skipping lunch. While heading out of the mall, it seemed to be getting worse and I began to suddenly feel tingly and spacey. After living with epilepsy for years, I should have realized these were all signs leading to another episode. Before making it to my car, I fell to the ground and soon became unconscious. 

Thankfully there were a few passerbys, including a mall security guard who called 911. While waiting for the Paramedics, he noticed my MedicAlert bracelet. When I began to regain consciousness, I was in the back of an ambulance. The Paramedic had told me he already called MedicAlert who in turn immediately called my husband. He had been waiting at the airport and text me several times, worried about why I hadn't shown.

They let him know what had happened and that I was doing okay but being transported to the closest hospital as a precaution. I will forever be grateful for all you did. Thank you, thank you MedicAlert! 

MedicAlert Team Member