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"Thank you MedicAlert for being my husband's guardian angel."

Story told by spouse of a MedicAlert member

Earlier this year, my husband had a near fatal car accident on his drive back from visiting our daughter at school. I was away for a business trip when his accident occured and had it not been for MedicAlert and the amazing paramedics, I can't imagine what the outcome could've been.

The accident occured about 30 miles from our home when his blood sugar dramatically dropped and he lost consciousness at the wheel. 

In the 20 years Bill has been living with diabetes, this was the first time (and hopefully last) that he lost consciousness due to low blood sugar. With our first big winter storm set to come in, he decided to get an early headstart on the road. Because he left around 5am, he didn't take the time to eat breakfast nor did he pack snacks for the road as he normally does. 

In addition, the night before, Bill took his insulin injection earlier than usual, and with the hurry of getting packed and on the road, he didn't realize he had skipped his morning injection all together.

From what he recalls, it was about halfway into his drive that he began to feel shaky and a bit dizzy. He was in such a rush to get home that he still didn't bother to stop for anything to eat. Within a matter of 20 minutes or so, he recalls his vision getting blurry. 

Shortly after is when he lost consciousness at the wheel. It was a blessing that no other vehicles were involved as our car plowed head on into a snowbank on the side of a country road. 

A tow truck driver spotted his car, and thankfully in time to get him the help he desperately needed. He first called 911 and while waiting for the paramedics, saw Bill's MedicAlert pendant hanging from his neck. He pointed it out to the paramedics when they arrived. 

While being transported to the nearest emergency room, the doctor(s) on call had already been made aware that they were bringing him in and relayed his medical information from MedicAlert. You guys then contacted me and let me know what had happened, and that my husband would be okay and where he was being treated.

I remember being so panicked  when getting the call from MedicAlert, but she kept me calm and assured me that he was in good hands. I don’t know what would have happened to my husband sitting there unconscious and parked in the snow if he hadn’t been found immediately, and hadn’t been wearing his pendant.

“Thank you for what you do, and thank you for helping my husband during his time of need."

MedicAlert Team Member