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MedicAlert Safely Reunites 9-Year Old Boy with Autism with His Mother after Wandering From His Yard

It isn’t uncharacteristic for 9-year old Brandon to be outdoors playing in the yard or up in his tree house.

There have only been a few notable times when in the company of his 4 siblings, or even mom and dad, that Brandon has wandered off, but he has always remained close to the home.

However, in March 2014, the family became extremely frightened when Brandon climbed over the front yard fence and crossed a busy street to continue on his way.

Autism Related Wandering

While his mom Aimee was away from the house, Brandon was at home with his older siblings. As usual he was outside exploring and playing.

Unaware that he had figured out how to climb the fence, his older brother first assumed he was just around playing in the tree house. Soon after beginning to look for Brandon, he realized that he had wandered outside of the yard.

Upon finding out her son was missing, Aimee went into an immediate state of panic. She would soon learn that Brandon had wandered a little over a mile away from home.

Safety of a MedicAlert Medical ID

When driving down the road, a woman saw a young boy walking barefoot in the middle of the road. She knew something wasn’t right when she made a few attempts to get the boy’s attention while he continued on with no response.

After pulling over her car; she immediately recognized Brandon’s MedicAlert medical ID bracelet with the inscription “Autism & Non-verbal.” She immediately called the number on his bracelet connecting her to a MedicAlert Specialist.

“I was driving around for less than two minutes when MedicAlert called me,” said Aimee, adding “Brandon would have kept going and ended up who knows where if the nice woman hadn’t stopped and saw his MedicAlert ID bracelet.”

“The lady on the phone from MedicAlert told me exactly where I could go to pick up Brandon; I couldn’t help from being a blubbering mess and so grateful.”

“My parents were the ones who made the decision to get Brandon’s MedicAlert membership a few years back," says Aimee, adding "that night I contacted my dad and told him how MedicAlert saved his life.”

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