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Little Moments, Lasting Memories

Cecelia's Story

Why I Give to MedicAlert Foundation

Giving to MedicAlert Foundation is a reward in itself. I know that when I give my donation, it will help save a life. In addition to my annual contribution to the foundation, my sister-in-law and I volunteer together once a week. As the years have passed, we continue to encourage more and more people to support MedicAlert Foundation. Helping an organization where you know you are appreciated is like finding gold... and MedicAlert Foundation is my gold.

Cecelia's Impact on Giving to MedicAlert Foundation

With the generous support and gifts from members like Cecelia, MedicAlert Foundation's national efforts provide a number of services including many professional education outreach efforts. MedicAlert Foundation services over 4.2 million members worldwide and continues to provide each member peace of mind to live their lives to the fullest.