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I support the mission of MedicAlert Foundation.

Wilma's Story

Why I Give to MedicAlert Foundation

I had recently moved and met a woman that mentioned she was a volunteer at the MedicAlert Foundation. Interested to learn more about the organization, I soon decided to become a volunteer. Thirteen years later, I am still here. As a member, I also participate by contributing gifts to MedicAlert Foundation’s annual fund program. I am encouraged when I think about the impact that MedicAlert Foundation makes on the world. Being a donor and a volunteer provides me with the opportunity to support MedicAlert Foundation's lifesaving mission.

Wilma's Impact on Giving to MedicAlert Foundation

All of these services are made possible by contributions to the MedicAlert Foundation, which supports the educational outreach programs, sponsored memberships, and many other services benefiting members. Without these vital services and Wilma's gifts of all kinds, MedicAlert Foundation's staff would not be able to continue their dedicated work to ensure every member's safety.