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True Meaning of Community

Tom's Story

Tom leads by example as a dedicated volunteer at MedicAlert Foundation.

Why I Give to MedicAlert Foundation

Retiring from a career in medicine, I always knew the advantages to being a MedicAlert Foundation member. Because of its focus on working as a team to help protect and save lives, I was naturally attracted to volunteer at MedicAlert Foundation. This community has given me a great deal, and I want to give back. Now retired, I find myself in a position where I want to give my time to help serve my community. By volunteering at MedicAlert Foundation, I am able to accomplish that goal.

Tom's Impact on Giving at MedicAlert Foundation

Generous gifts to MedicAlert Foundation help provide lifesaving services to people around the world. Energized by volunteers like Tom, MedicAlert Foundation services over 4.2 million members worldwide. With Tom's help as a volunteer in the community, MedicAlert Foundation continues to provide emergency medical information through it's 24-hour emergency response center staffed by medically trained professionals 365 days a year.