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Barbara is a mother and a role model.

Barbara's Story

Why I Give to MedicAlert Foundation

Living with a number of medical conditions, my son continuously told me about MedicAlert Foundation. One afternoon, he finally just drove me to the MedicAlert Foundation office and I became a member. As I learned more about the organization, I decided to volunteer.

Volunteering for the past nine years, has become a tradition for myself and friends who I introduced to MedicAlert Foundation. I just love what I do! As a member who has been in and out of hospitals a number of times, I have personally experienced the benefits of MedicAlert Foundation's lifesaving service. Through my dedication to give to the organization, I hope I can help save the life of others as well.

Barbara's Impact On Giving to MedicAlert Foundation

Barbara's longtime volunteerism makes the number of services that MedicAlert Foundation continues to provide possible. With these vital services and dedicated members like Barbara, MedicAlert Foundation continues to provide each member with the MedicAlert bracelets, necklaces and services in a critical emergency moment.