Family Health

Nothing is as important as your family's health. MedicAlert Foundation is happy to provide resources about conditions that may affect the well being of your loved ones. Please use these articles as an informational resources, and always consult your physician with concerns about your family's health.

Health Tip of the Day
Family Fitness

You can encourage your family to become fit by following these tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Limit how much time your children spend watching TV and playing video games. Limit how much time you spend doing these activities, as well.

Don't eat snacks or meals while watching TV. If possible, do some type of exercise while watching.

Schedule family fitness activities such as biking, hiking or tennis.

Set exercise goals as a family to help everyone stick to the fitness plan.

When the weather is bad, try indoor exercise ideas such as jumping jacks or Simon Says.

Encourage your children to try individual sports such as tennis or swimming that can be done throughout life.


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