Get Moving

Stretching is an easy thing you can do to improve your health, yet it's often the most neglected part of people's fitness regimens. Stretching can reduce your injury risk and help you become more limber, regardless of your age and physical condition.

Start building a conditioning program that improves endurance and strengthens the joints and muscles used in everyday actions such as walking, sitting, twisting, bending and lifting.

Walking is an easy thing to do and to make walking something you can look forward to each day, add the ingredients that appeal to you personally.

It may not be as trendy as Pilates or power yoga, but running, or jogging, still delivers a great fat-burning, stress-reducing aerobic workout.

Want to try something new and different in your exercise regime? Check out some of these exercises, from swimming to dancing, that will help keep you active and interested in your workout routine.