Conditions and Body Systems

There are thousands of medical conditions that may affect you or a loved one. Here we've provided resources about some of the most commonly affected body systems, and the conditions and diseases they may contract.

Health Tip of the Day

Packing Few Books

Many children's backpacks are too heavy. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends children carry no more than 10 percent of their weight in a backpack. Carrying too much, or carrying a heavy backpack on one shoulder instead of two, can increase curvature of the spine and produces neck and back strains. Your child should put heavier items in the pack first, so they are closest to the back. A smaller child should use a smaller pack. Packs should have wide, well-padded shoulder straps; these should be fastened so the pack is snug against the center of the back. Your child should lift a heavy pack by bending both knees and lifting with the legs.

Today In Health News

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