MedicAlert Services for Physicians and Clinicians

At MedicAlert Foundation®, our mission is to ensure emergency professionals are aware of the patient information available for each MedicAlert member. Over 100,000 MedicAlert members credit the use of medical identification for saving their lives, and we make ourselves available 24/7 to communicate personal health information to you in a matter of minutes.

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Immediately access patient information

Since our founding, MedicAlert Foundation has been the trusted custodian of consumers' medical information, setting the standard as the most dependable and trusted emergency support network. Our unique combination of services provide a layer of defense against adverse events and potential medical errors. You can access patient information by:

  1. Flipping over their ID to read the engraving on the back.
  2. Calling our 24/7 Emergency Response center.
  3. Accessing our mobile app to directly link your patient's member ID to their provided health record.