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EMIS Training Kit

The EMIS training kit is a printed, classroom ready presentation to use for new EMS students or as a continuing education (CE) course. It contains copies of all the forms, instructor preparation booklet needed to provide each student with a course completion or continuing education record. It also contains a CD with PowerPoint slides, complete with speaking points, for use in the classroom. The PPT slides may be modified to include local protocol and DNR policies. An additional bonus of the this printed kit is a sample bracelet that is designed for students to call the MedicAlert Foundation emergency line so they will have a complete understanding of the ease of access as well as the breathe and depth of information available on a patient. This course and its material are endorsed by the National Association of EMS Educators and are certified for one-hour of CE by CECBEMS.

The EMIS course is also available for individuals to take Online through the generous support of Medic-CE. Each student must register on the Medic-CE site but the course is free and there is no additional obligation to the student when completing the course. If the student is not currently certified or licensed as a first responder, EMT or paramedic then they will be issued a course completion record which can be documentation of the completion of a homework assignment.

Take the EMIS course for CE or course completion record--FREE online