MedicAlert Services for Health Care Professionals

Our mission to protect and save lives depends on health care providers having the ability to access our 24/7 Emergency Response network. Please explore the tools we have developed for your use, free of charge, in our shared mission of saving lives and providing quality health care.

MedicAlert PrEMISE® Mobile App

A mobile app for licensed healthcare providers & emergency responders.

The PrEMISE app is a free and secure service application offered by the MedicAlert Foundation that discloses a MedicAlert member’s medical history during emergency care.

Get quick and secure access to your patient's MedicAlert® record. Register for PrEMISE and download the app today.

View the MedicAlert PrEMISE video to learn more.

PrEMISE app tutorial demo

PrEMISE registration. Click on new user.

For iPhone
For Android

Access your patient's emergency health record.