1 Year Advantage Membership for Lions Club Members

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  • 1 Year Membership - $50.00
Protect yourself with Advantage Membership
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  • 1 Year Membership - $50.00
Protect yourself with Advantage Membership

MedicAlert® Advantage is our premium service for adults. The Advantage membership plan delivers our dependable,intelligent and trusted emergency support network - protecting you any where and at any time.

You are provided unlimited updates to your health record and receive member pricing on our medical IDs. Additionally, in an emergency, we will contact your family to reunite you with loved ones and notify your physician to improve your follow-up care plan.

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MedicAlert® membership benefits include:

  • Faster treatment and care, especially in emergencies
  • Reduced risk of complications or uncertainties
  • Assurance of personal information security while safeguarding your life
  • Reduced fear and anxiety for you and your loved ones