Physician Notification

In the event of an emergency, MedicAlert Foundation will contact your physician/provider and notify them. Physician/provider notification is important during medical emergencies as it enables continuous, comprehensive care and improves coordination between you, your physician, and other providers.

MedicAlert’s Emergency Response Center will communicate with your physician to relay information about your situation and location (treatment facility); this allows for your physician to remain in communication with the treating facility and keep abreast of the treatment and care you are receiving.

The Physician/Provider Notification service provides:

  • Your physician with information about your situation and location
  • The comfort of knowing your physician is informed of the treatment and care you are receiving
  • Improved follow-up care after your medical emergency

Choose a MedicAlert membership tailored to your needs:

Kid Smart Enrollment
(For individuals 17 and below)
$36.00 – Includes free ID
20% of proceeds sent to FARE

Advantage Enrollment
(For Adults)
$45.00 per year – 10% off retail price
20% of proceeds sent to FARE

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MedicAlert Services are Recommended for:

MedicAlert® membership benefits include:

  • Faster treatment and care, especially in emergencies
  • Reduced risk of complications or uncertainties
  • Assurance of personal information security while safeguarding your life
  • Reduced fear and anxiety for you and your loved ones

With a MedicAlert® membership you receive:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Family Notification
  • EMIR® (Emergency Medical Information Record)
  • Free Engraving on Medical IDs
  • DNR Services
  • Advance Directive Storage
  • Emergency Wallet Card