Emergency Wallet Card

MedicAlert® members receive emergency wallet cards which contain vital medical information and emergency contacts. The wallet card is a portable version of your MedicAlert EMIR® (Emergency Medical Information Record); it is helpful in remembering medications and dosages, provides emergency contact information, and can assist in the event your MedicAlert medical ID became lost or damaged.

MedicAlert Foundation® member’s receive an Emergency Wallet Card containing their critical health information. The wallet card provides additional information that supplements your MedicAlert ID:

  • List of medical conditions, allergies, implanted devices, medications and dosages
  • Emergency contact information (i.e. family, caregiver, physician)
  • Personal identification information
  • MedicAlert Foundation’s 24/7 Emergency Response Center, in case your MedicAlert ID was lost or damaged

Choose a MedicAlert membership tailored to your needs:

Kid Smart Enrollment
(For individuals 17 and below)
$36.00 – Includes free ID
20% of proceeds sent to FARE

Advantage Enrollment
(For Adults)
$45.00 per year – 10% off retail price
20% of proceeds sent to FARE

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MedicAlert Services are Recommended for:

MedicAlert® membership benefits include:

  • Faster treatment and care, especially in emergencies
  • Reduced risk of complications or uncertainties
  • Assurance of personal information security while safeguarding your life
  • Reduced fear and anxiety for you and your loved ones

With a MedicAlert® membership you receive:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Family Notification
  • EMIR® (Emergency Medical Information Record)
  • Free Engraving on Medical IDs
  • DNR Services
  • Advance Directive Storage
  • Emergency Wallet Card