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Due to significant rain storms and flooding throughout parts of the California Central Valley, you may experience longer than normal wait times for member care related calls. Please note our emergency services are not affected.

Emergency Wallet Card

MedicAlert® members receive emergency wallet cards which contain vital medical information and emergency contacts. The wallet card is a portable version of your MedicAlert EMIR® (Emergency Medical Information Record); it is helpful in remembering medications and dosages, provides emergency contact information, and can assist in the event your MedicAlert medical ID became lost or damaged.

MedicAlert Foundation® member’s receive an Emergency Wallet Card containing their critical health information. The wallet card provides additional information that supplements your MedicAlert ID:

  • List of medical conditions, allergies, implanted devices, medications and dosages
  • Emergency contact information (i.e. family, caregiver, physician)
  • Personal identification information
  • MedicAlert Foundation’s 24/7 Emergency Response Center, in case your MedicAlert ID was lost or damaged